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WE BELIEVE IN TRUTH AS TRUTH SETS US FREE. SO WE GIVE BEST REPORTS WHICH IS BEST AND TRUE OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. WE DO NOT HIDE ANY EXTRA CHARGES. WE BELIEVE IN MAINTAINING QUALITY AT EXPENSE OF QUANTITY. WE HAVE WIDE RANGE OF MEDICAL TESTS AVAILABLE AT OUR CENTER FOR REASONABLE PRICE SO THAT WE ARE ABLE TO SERVE THE SOCIETY BEST. Dr Sarwan Diagnostics is one of the known center for ultrasound in dwarka. it do provide all types of ultrasound specially for pregnancy ultrasounds it has expertise, on another hand sarwan lab provides ultrasound at very best and low rates which are near to any charitable ultrasound. they do also provide Pathology blood tests at very reasonable prices with quality. the one who is looking for lowest price ultrasound in dwarka with best quality can visit to dr sarwan lab dwarka. Dr sarwan lab provides FETAL ECHO only at 3150Rs * , and ultrasound level II at 1430Rs * only, Ultrasound Pregnancy routine at 780Rss. * and ultrasound whole abdomen at 780Rs. * .


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