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What is a Full body health checkup ?
Full body checkup as the name suggests is a combination of checkups and scans of person?s entire body. Vital body organs like heart, kidney, lung and liver etc. are analyzed through scans to check for any warning signs or abnormalities that may be lying inside person?s body. The main advantage of going under full body checkup is to diagnose dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases etc. in their early stage. By diagnosing these diseases in early stage, doctor can suggest preventive measures to make sure that the disease can be cured in early stage itself.
What are the tests/scans carried out in full body health checkup ?
In a full body health checkup, generally more than 30 tests are conducted. Number of tests may vary based on the lab. Following are the most common tests performed in full body checkup :
Urine test,Blood test,Chest X-Ray, 2D Echo cardiography and ECG,Vitamin check Hepatitis B tests,Total body fat percentage,PSA,Eye Checkup,Bone mineral densitometry,Sono-mammography,Kidney function testing : Uric acid, blood urea Diabetes tests: Blood Sugar PP, Blood sugar fasting,Liver Function tests : Serum Bilirubin, Uric Acid, Blood Urea, Thyroid Function tests: TSH, T3, T4,Lipid profile,Prostate cancer screening,Breast cancer screening,Ultrasound of whole abdomen.
Why a full body health checkup is important ?
Following are the benefits of complete body checkup :
a. To get an understanding about how fit an individual is, he/she must go for complete body checkup.
b. Fatal diseases like cancer can be diagnosed in their early stages with the help of complete body checkup.
c. If someone has a family history of illnesses, he must go for complete checkup to get diseases detected in early stage.
d. For people having an unhealthy and hectic lifestyle, complete checkup is important to eliminate the risks early.
How often should one get full body checkup ?
Frequency of getting a complete health checkup varies from person to person based on their medical history, lifestyle and age. Following are the general guidelines for getting a complete checkup :
a.For a healthy person who is below 30 years, getting a complete checkup once in 6 months to 1 years is fine.
b.A healthy person who lies between 30-60 years of age should get complete checkup done every 6 Months.
c.For people over 60 years of age, 6 months complete checkup should accompany periodic medical checkups for known diseases.
d.For any person who is living in metro cities and above 16 years, getting a complete checkup once in 6 months is good and essential.

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