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Computed tomography scan
The CT-Scan is also called a CAT(computerized axial tomography)scan. It’s a diagnostic tool used to capture internal images of your body.
Cross-sectional images of the body created use computers and rotating X-ray machines. It provides more detailed information than normal X-ray images.
CT-Scanning is a painless procedure and performed in an outpatient setting. It is used to define abnormal and normal structures in the body and assist procedures accurately with the help of instruments and treatments.
A CT scan may be used to visualize the:-
Head, Shoulders, Spine, Heart, Abdomen, Knee, Chest, etc.
CT-Scan use increased dramatically over the last two decades. There are many uses of of CT-Scan, but it’s particularly well-suited for diagnosing diseases and evaluating injuries.

  • diagnose infections, muscle disorders, and bone fractures
  • assess the extent of internal injuries and internal bleeding
  • guide procedures, such as surgeries, etc.



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