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This health checkup package comes under the best health checkup packages available in india. it is used to assess your current health status & to screen you to know if you have any apparent warning signs or if any abnormalities lying inside your body. full body checkup packages are very helpful for understanding how fit we is very important to have a complete health checkup for people who lives in cities.labuncle provides a wide range of whole body checkups/full body health checkup packages.

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Tests Included: 52 Test
  1. Blood Urea
  2. Blood Urea Nitrogen (Bun)
  3. Creatinine - Serum
  4. Uric Acid
  1. ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)
  2. Hemoglobin
  3. Hematocrit(Pcv)
  4. Platelet CountTotal Leucocytes Count
  5. Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(Mch)
  6. Mean Corp.Hemo.Conc(Mchc)
  7. Mean Corpuscular Volume(Mcv)
  8. Total Rbc
  9. Red Cell Distribution Width (Rdw-Cv)
  10. Mentzer Index ( MCV/ RBC count)
  11. Neutrophils
  12. Lymphocytes
  13. Eosinophils
  14. Monocytes
  15. Basophils
  16. Neutrophils - Absolute Count
  17. Lymphocytes - Absolute Count
  18. Eosinophils - Absolute Count
  19. Monocytes - Absolute Count
  20. Basophils - Absolute Count
  1. Bilirubin -Direct
  2. Bilirubin (Indirect)
  3. Bilirubin - Total
  4. Serum Alb/Globulin Ratio
  5. Alkaline Phosphatase
  6. Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (Ggt)
  7. Serum Globulin
  8. Aspartate Aminotransferase (Sgot )
  9. Alanine Transaminase (Sgpt)
  10. Protein - Total
  11. Albumin - Serum
  1. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (Tsh)
  2. Total Triiodothyronine (T3)
  3. Total Thyroxine (T4)
  1. Total Iron Binding Capacity (Tibc)
  2. Serum unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC)
  3. Iron
  4. % Transferrin Saturation
  1. Total Cholesterol
  2. Hdl Cholesterol - Direct
  3. Non-Hdl Cholesterol
  4. Ldl Cholesterol - Direct
  5. Ldl / Hdl Ratio
  6. Triglycerides
  7. Tc/ Hdl Cholesterol Ratio
  8. Vldl Cholesterol


  • Fasting Is Required
Package Overview

How Good Health Package helps you?
In today's enviroment, regular check-ups are important as it reduce risk of getting sick. Detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early. Increase chances for treatment and cure. Good Health Package is designed specifically for General Health Checkup. It includes a unique diagnostic profile of tests for a comprehensive health evaluation. This package is for all Age groups. This package is ideally for those who are suffering from Diabetes, Kidney(KFT/RFT) or Liver(LFT), Thyroid(TFT), Iron deficiency, Lipid diseases.
Is there any Precautions?
Yes, Fasting Is Required.

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Prognosis Laboratories is a state of the art ?Centre for Excellence in Medical Diagnostics?. The laboratory is a cheerful and spacious facility, housed in approximately 7000 sq. ft. of dedicated lab space with a huge parking base. The facility is prominently located in Dwarka, making it easily approachable and very well connected to the entire region of Delhi NCR.

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